Exemplification Essay: The Last Cause Of Divorce

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Divorce is the action of legally dissolving a marriage and going in separate ways. According to “a brief history of divorce” Before the 1850s divorce was largely open to men only and because it was very expensive it was open to the rich only. Then The 1857 Matrimonial Causes Act allowed ordinary people to divorce. During this time, it was difficult for women to divorce because they had to prove that their husbands had been unfaithful. Then in 1923 A private members’ bill made it easier for women to file for divorce for adultery, but they still had to prove. The big change came in 1969, couples could divorce after they had been separated for two years. Now that divorce has been legalized and it does not cost anything there are so many people dissolving their marriage as if it was nothing. The causes of divorce are unrealistic…show more content…
Abuse is when you treat someone with violence (verbally, emotionally or physically) repeatedly. There are many people who get divorced simply because their spouse is abusive verbally, emotionally or physically. Even though their spouse is their other half some people feel insecure when they are with them because they are attacking them physically, using harsh words and shouting or doing things that would emotionally hurt them. One of the main causes of abuse is having difficulty tolerating (managing) anger. Instead of trying to discuss the problems they have or talking out why they are angry some find it easier to just verbally or physically abuse their spouse and feel better without caring or knowing that this might hurt the other person. Another cause of abuse is simply their past-history. If the mother of the spouse was very abusive or has never appreciated what he does, then he is most likely to take revenge on his wife. Abuses can be proven in different ways such as showing the bruise marks on the body, recording phone conversations and having a hidden camera in the
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