Main Causes Of Illegal Immigration In The United States

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Illegal immigration
The life is full of millions and millions of things that are hath made for life. The Creator of the universe has created and deposited it in the life for happiness and comfort. Some of these things are visible to the most of eyes and the rest of them are invisible to the most of them. But the Creator gave some people a certain possibilities as a glass with it they can see the invisible things. They are called scientists. In fact these brilliant people escape with their possibilities and abilities they acquire from the place where they don 't find their rights in it. And that 's called illegal immigration. Wars, illness and lack of jobs are the main causes of illegal immigration. Scientists are looking for a calm environment in which they can discover the world. So wars lead scientists and populace to immigrate to the peaceful countries. And illness is merely one effect from the wars ' effects. So it also leads scientists and populace to immigrate. Lack of jobs is not less harmful than the two other causes. As it makes the other countries rob the youth. Death of youth, Collapse of economy and hate of government are the major effect of illegal immigration. An estimated 11.5 – 12 million foreign nationals are living in the US, according to the Pew Hispanic Center.
To solute this problem there are four realistic solutions. Providing suitable jobs for youth is one of them. It affords to them the desire to stay even if there are other problems. Because they
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