Main Causes Of The American Revolution

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The American Revolution also known as The War of Independence began in 1775 as a battle between Great Britain and the thirteen united colonies. There was at least one war fought in almost every colony in America. Although Georgia and South Carolina were affected the most by the war. There were many key causes of the American Revolution which were taxation, the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party.
The first event that caused the American Revolution was the Seven Years War also known as the French and Indian War.
One of the crucial causes of the American Revolution was the Boston Massacre also known as Incident on King Street by the British which was on 5th March 1770. The Boston Massacre was a street fight by the British Army who were throwing snowballs, stones and sticks at the colonists. The Boston Massacre happened because hundreds of men lost their job and they gathered on King Street where the British troops had been stationed in Boston since 1768. The colonists were blaming the British for their loss. The British soldiers were irritated and so they started to scare them away by shooting a few of the colonists; 5 colonists will killed and six others were injured. The Boston Massacre was one of the crucial cause of the American Revolution because this lead to future on events which then had their own consequences.
Another Important cause was taxation. It all started when there was a disagreement about the way that Great Britain treated the thirteen united
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