Cold War Causes

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One of the main causes that had started the cold war was Europe , Britain and the Usa believed that some areas of europe were falling under communist control .Even though the two countries never really declared war on each other they did fight indirectly. The Cold War was a long time of fighting between some of the Western side of the country and the communist countries of Eastern Europe. The west side was led by the United States and the Eastern side was led by the Soviet Union. It started in 1945 and ended in 1989 . The Cold War had started just after World War II had ended in 1945 . the Soviet Union was a really important member to the powered allies but there was a major problem between the Soviet Union and all of the rest of the Allies…show more content…
South Korea became a capitalist country and North korea became a communist country. North korea sent their army to invade South korea. The United nations sent help for south korea. Neither sides won and the war ended in 1953. The other hot war that went on was the Vietnam war between South and North korea. The vietnam war was said to be during the period of 1955 and finished around the year 1965. Some key events of the cold war were , The berlin airlift (1948) this is where the soviet union had an attempt to get rid of all the allies in berlin to gain more control. Forming of nato ( 1949) the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is an alliance based around the north atlantic and this was formed on April 4th 1949.Forming of Warsaw ( 14th May 1955) The Warsaw pact was a political alliance between the Soviet Union and also many Eastern European countries. The U-2 incident ( 1st of may 1960 ) The U-2 incident happened during the cold war when Nikita Khrushchev was premier of the soviet union.This event occurred 13 days before the four powers had a meeting with the united states , Soviet union…show more content…
But russia later found out the truth as they found much of the plane had survived and they had hold of the pilot who flew it. This brang the two nations to a nuclear war. Creation of the berlin wall ( 1961 august 13th) This wall was put together dead in the night and basically stopped all the east germans from fleeing to the east side . The Cuban Missile Crisis ( October 15th 1962) This crisis was between the United nations and the Soviet union caused a major problem.The soviets began to place some weapons like bombs into cuba . Cuba then decided that they would go under quarantine which at the time was seen as an act of war. Both Presidents came to an agreement that they would not invade or destroy any parts of cuba unless they had a direct provocation to do so. This event ended after a few days on the 18th of october and this very much avoided a nuclear war. The bay of pigs ( april 17th , 1961) Cuba decided to launch an invasion on the south of cuba on a beach .This invasion was formed when all the american companies within cuba had stopped all the imports of cuban sugar and aid to cuba. The USSR had a new trade agreement and this became forces with the communist. The united states
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