Main Characters In John Steinbeck's Mice And Men

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How does steinbeck introduce the main characters in the novel? John Steinbeck is the author of Mice and men, a novel about two men set in the 1930´s.George and Lennie.They move from farm to farm for jobs,is a very lonely life for them they only have each other they move through the country following “The American dream“.George is strict and responsable, and in charge of Lennie, Lennie is childish, strong and not very bright.This characters are very opposite but they take care of eachother. Steinbeck introduce the character´s personality by using actions onomatopeias and similies “Lennie “drank with long gulps,snorting into the water like a horse” George “george knelt beside the pool and drank from his hand with quick scoops”.Their actions show their personalities,it shows how Lennie goes after what he wants ignoring the consequences by demonstrating he doesn 't care how clean the water is,that he is now wet, or how to properly drink water,he just cares about how thirsty he is.It shows how George is more of a mature and clean guy showing how he analyses what he is going to do,how he thinks before he acts,opposite to Lennie.By using the word “gulps“ it illustrates the quantity of water Lennie is…show more content…
Characters are introduced by Steinbeck by using dialogue and onomatopoeias “Give it here!“ said George “Aw let me have it George “This introduce the relationship between the, showing it 's like a parent son relationship,George tells off Lennie when being childish and doing something he is not supposed to,this links to George 's responsibility of guiding him and looking out for him, George takes care of his life as if he was his kid he give him a roof and keeps him in a job.Showing Lennie as the show how if he wasn’t with George, he could never be employed thi shows Lennie 's dependability on george as a kid to a parent .When using “Aw“ it shows mild disappointment.By using the word “let me“ shows how lennie needs approval of George and most importantly
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