Treasure Island Compare And Contrast

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The two protagonists that have many comparisons, is the main characters from Kidnapped and Treasure Island. The main character from Kidnapped is David Bulfor, and the main character from Treasure Island is Jim Hawkins. In Robert Stevenson’s novel, Kidnapped, the genre is Adventure Fiction. In Kidnapped David gets a letter from his father, his father told him to go to the House of Shaws. When David arrives he sees his Uncle Ebenezer. His Uncle Ebenezer Kidnapped David and tried to sell into slavery in the United States. David meets a friend named Alan on the boat, Alan helps David escape from his evil uncle. In another one of Robert Stevenson’s novels, Treasure Island, the genre is adventure fiction. The novel is about a boy named Jim who sets…show more content…
The lost of their fathers are a big impact on theirs lives and a big impact on the novel. David’s mom died when he was a younger boy, but David’s dad died when David was seventeen years old. It is hard to lose both of your parents before you have become an adult. David felt a big responsibility, he said, “since they are both dead, I shall be no near to in Essendean than in the kingdom of Hungary”(Stevenson 7). David’s responsibility was huge. David took care of himself until he arrived at his uncle Ebenezer house. David having his dad alive could have avoided all the bad things that happened to David, like being kidnapped by his uncle. Jim also lost his father, but Jim’s mother was there to take care of him. Even though Jim had his mother to take care of him, there is somethings that dads need to teach their sons. Jim needed his father a lot, especially because he was becoming an adult. Jim father was alive for a little while in the beginning of the story. Jim is only a teenager when his dad dies. His dad death had a big impact on his life. Jim found out the bad news when his mom said,“Jim your father is very sick and he will die soon”(Stevenson 13). Jim’s dad was also a pirate. Jim father could have been there to teach Jim the pirate ways. He also could have protected Jim in many ways. When Jim father became sick, he could not be the father figure he needed to be. Long John Silver is kind of like
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