Main Features Of Industrialization

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Industrialization is the process from which a State or Social Community go from showing an economy based on agriculture to one based on industrial development. That is, in an industrialized economy, industries will be the main support of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and in terms of employment, is the sector in which most of the population is occupied, because it is such the development reached by the different industries that the demand for skilled labor in the mentioned segment is the one that finally prevails. According to the textbook Traditions and Encounters, “Industrialism refers to a process that transformed agrarian and handicraft-centered economies into economies distinguished by industry and machine manufacture. The principal features of this process were technological and organizational changes that process were technological and organizational changes that transformed manufacturing and led to increased productivity.” (Pg. 668) The accumulation of capital allowed the British bourgeoisie to have sufficient conditions to finance factories, buy raw materials, machinery and hire employees. The availability of labor in abundance (from the Laws of enclosure) favored England, for there was a mass of workers seeking employment in English cities. As a result, that labor force was employed in the factories. The availability of labor and the accumulation of capital, in addition to having coal mines from which the energy needed to feed the machines, made this country a
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