Main Features Of The Third Republic

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INTRODUCTION In 1870, when the Prussian troops invaded France, the Second Empire, that had lost its popularity among the working classes, was destroyed and the two Republicans, Jules Favre and Leon Gambetta, proclaimed the Third Republic. This lasted seventy years, until the German invasion in 1940. The Third Republic has always been characterised by very unstable governments. Nonetheless it’s in this period that France becomes a nation. What are the main features of that period that made France a nation? In this essay we will anticipate some of the most important aspects of the Third Republic: 1. Schools 2. Language 3. Women in the Third Republic 4. Main aspects of Colonization ARGUMENT School Educational methods were acknowledged vigorously by the Minister of Education Jules Ferry, as his reforms were anti-clerical and in favour of progress. Schools became compulsory and free in 1881 for children of both sexes. Education, perhaps, could have been used as weapon to contribute positively against anti-republicans: In 1882 Ferry writes; “We shall have on our side all these new generations, these countless young reserves of republican democracy, trained in the school of science and For this purpose, schools become secular (laicisation des ecoles) and religious teaching was forbidden in favour of a “moral and civil instruction”. Henceforth, members of religious orders were forbidden to teach in them. Consequently, the French republican, was based on Statism, meaning that
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