What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electric Motors Essay

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Electric Motor
An electric motor is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. In today’s life, electric motors have numerous applications including in homes, commercial buildings, and manufacturing industries. An electric motor works on the principle of Ampere’s law which states when a wire is carrying an electric current, it generates magnetic field around itself. In other words, an electric motor is able to generate motion by use of magnets and therefore its whole operation is about magnets & magnetism.
Electric motors have been in use since 1800s and their efficiencies have been constantly improved. Most of these motors have their efficiencies ranging between 70% and 85%. Some of the energy is lost in form of heat
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The primary magnet is connected to the generator directly or attached to the AC power grid to get energized. On the other hand, the secondary magnet gets energy from the primary magnet through induction.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric motors?
Some of the advantages of electric motors are as follows:
High efficiency: Electric motors are highly efficient devices mainly depending on their operation conditions and the size of the motor. These motors do not use fuel and they do not require engine-oil maintenance like most of the other electrical devices. In addition, electric motors do not freeze even in temperatures below zero.
Low initial cost: If compared with fossil-fuel engines with equal horsepower rating, electric motors have very low initial cost.
Durability: Electric motors contain few moving parts and they operate smoothly which increase their life-spans. If an electric motor is designed and maintained properly, it can operate for over three years without major repairs.
Automated control: Automated controls can be installed and used to control electric motors and this provides high levels of flexibility and saves labor. Automated control also promotes work safety because there will be very minimal interaction between the electric motors and humans thus reducing chances of

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