Main Reasons For The French Revolution

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1. The main reasons why the French Revolution started were because of Louis XVI. Louis XVI reduced privileges and increased taxes because of France 's action in the American Independence War. This caused the people of France to go against their king. The French Revolution was so violent that it caused the destruction of the monarchy and it also caused King Louis XVI to be executed. Also the liberalism of the grain market that was recommended by the physiocrats affected the economy because it increased the price in bread and other foods. And the most important reason why the French Revolution started was because of the Enlightenment philosophy. The Enlightenment philosophy took the religious authority away from the King and the Church. The Enlightenment then started a new society based on reason. The French…show more content…
15. The American Revolution was very important because it supported the idea of the "right of revolution." This is the right to overthrow the government. The American revolutionaries served as a great inspiration to the French and the people who were being abused by imperialists and autocrats. The countries that were controlled by the imperialists saw the American Revolution as a good lesson for them. The American Revolution also helped to develop political reforms in Britain. The French Revolution had a huge impact not only on Europe but the New World. The French Revolution also helped France by giving them new ideas on religion, politics, and society. But the French impact was deeper if other countries were closer, this caused the French Revolution to bring liberalism and put an end to feudal and traditional laws. The biggest impact that the French Revolution had was on France and most of Europe. The French Revolution made all the Catholic Churches of Europe controlled by the government. But it had a positive impact because it made all citizens equal before the law. The French Revolution was important because everybody looked towards the French for
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