Reflection Of Fahrenheit 451

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(MIP-1) This meme showcases a central theme from the novel “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury; the fact that books are feared and most of the people and the government perceive books as horrible, evil things. (SIP-1) Through this meme, readers can notice one of the reasons that books are feared, because they allow people to actually have feelings. (STEWE-1) This is brought to light when Faber tells Montag, "’So, now do you see why books are hated and feared? They show the pores in the face of life’" (79). Books are despised so much since the people of the society are so scared to go out of their comfort zone, which includes reading books. Books are slow, have depth and detail, the opposite of anything else that exists in the society. Books show…show more content…
(SIP-1) The logical fallacy present is a false cause, as well as a bandwagon statement. (STEWE-1) It can be said that this meme is using a slippery slope, but the fallacy that is better argued here is that it is a false cause. A false cause is the lack of connection between points. In this meme, it states that books lead to sadness, which leads to depression, which leads to death. This is not necessarily the case, and the claim doesn 't have any evidence to back it up. (STEWE-2) It can also be shown that this meme has a bandwagon statement. At the top it says, "Everyone isn 't reading books. Don 't start." This statement is a bandwagon statement because it has the "everyone isn 't" aspect of it, which peer pressures you into not reading books. (SIP-2) The mode of persuasion here, is pathos. (STEWE-1) This meme clearly evokes many emotions for the viewers. The grave with Guy Montag 's name on it can make a person in their society feel scared, that if they read a book they might end up in Montag’s place. The picture of the possessed book holding a knife could also instill fear in someone. Though the picture may seem a bit humorous, it is really symbolizing that books kill. (STEWE-2) This meme shows pathos also through sadness. The picture of the woman crying while reading a book can also a make a person feel sad and want to empathize with the person. The picture of the depressed person in the corner of an alleyway can make a someone feel sad due to all the dark colors and the hidden face of the person. This plays a role in persuading the people that books are bad, since nobody likes to feel down and depressed. Anything that upsets a person, they naturally stay away from. If people realize that books are the so called “cause” for depression, they will tend to stray away from books. (CS) The fallacies and modes of
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