Uglies Characterization

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In my novel, “Uglies” the protagonist is Tally. Near the beginning of the story she shares her desperate wants of being a pretty, and even more so because she feels all alone without her best friend. She even breaks one of the most important rules, which is to stay inside Uglyville, but she can’t help her desire to see Peris again. Fortunately she didn’t get caught

The antagonists in my novel, is a group called Special Circumstances. In the dystopia, they are the ones that perform the surgeries on the uglies on their 16th birthday. Later on however, we learn that when they do the surgery they don’t just change the way they look, they also change the way that they think. Everyone who has had the operation doesn’t notice it, however, this was made so that everyone thought of themselves as equals when they turned pretty. In the Rusties era, there was a lot of diversity and separation because of race, color, religion and ideas. Although it’s a problem, Special Circumstances think it’s the safest way to keep everyone living happy and peaceful. One thing that could change this though is if everyone knew what they were really going into once they have the operation.

Although there are many themes in the book “Uglies”, the one that stood out to me is that we don’t all need to look pretty to be pretty. During their
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In this dystopia it slowly unravels the secrets behind the government’s true actions in turing uglies in to pretties. Although, in order to get there, the characters must face hard choices, long voyages, and maybe even putting things at risk to get through. Overall, this was a great book, there are times when it can get a bit boring but is easily brought back with an exciting plot twist. This book really makes look deep inside and yourself ask, would you give up yourself to be like everyone else, or would you be different even if it meant you weren’t normal? Logic, or
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