Main Themes Of Gothic Setting In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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The main theme that is always seen throughout Frankenstein is a Gothic setting. When this setting is being used, Shelley likes to use other literary techniques like pathetic fallacy and foreshadowing. An example is when Victor said ‘It was on a dreary night of November that I beheld the accomplishment of my toils. With an anxiety that almost amounted to agony.’ Sometimes when Shelley is using these techniques it is normally associated with isolation, bad weather and evil as seen above. Shelley uses the Gothic setting and its techniques to say what is going to happen and also share her opinions in it. Throughout the time scale set in the novel, only short periods of times were relevant to the plot. The Monster and Victor show up and chat the landscape is typically extreme/dangerous for example high mountains or snowy conditions where they are completely isolated and away from civilisation as if they should never be seen together. This is also seen when something is about to happen. I know this because Victor said 'The immense mountains and precipices that overhung me on every side - the sound of the river raging among the rocks, and the dashing of the waterfalls around, spoke a power might of Omnipotence '. The definition of omnipotence is powerful and strong, just like God. Shelley uses the nature around Victor against him to say that even though Victor has defined nature he should still be afraid of it. Shelly uses the landscape to signify the fact that there is death
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