Maintenance Essay: The Importance Of Building Maintenance

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1.0 Introduction
Buildings are physical assets and are valuable. It requires proper and good maintenance. According to a paper presented by Dr. A. Ghafar Ahmad, It is impossible to produce buildings which are maintenance-free. However, if we want to minimise the maintenance work we should ensure the buildings are having good design and proper workmanship was carried out by skilled experts or competent craftsmen using suitable codes of installation, requisite building materials and methods. The importance of maintenance is such that it requires a properly educated and trained workforce involving good management as well as suitably trained craftsmen. (Ahmad, 1994)
Without proper maintenance, all structures and building materials will deteriorate and unable to function properly. Prevention
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To preserve a building in its initial state, as far as practicable so that it effectively serves its purpose, we need to carry out building maintenance frequently throughout the year. Building maintenance is actually and important measure as it maintain and improve landscaping on public and private property. It will also help to ensure that every infrastructure in the buildings are in good condition and the quality of the property is said to be preserved. It will also help to maintain the aesthetics value of a building by giving the building nice appearance. If building is maintained consistently, safety of occupants, visitors and general public is guaranteed. Services like lighting escalators and fire alarms system can be maintained. Decorative surface will also always remain in a good condition. Maintenance also include adequate cleaning in the building. This will help to prevent and diminish significant deterioration of the fabric. Building maintenance will also help in retaining value of investment as it maintains the building in a condition in which it continues to fulfil its

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