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Maitin-Shepards’ essay is a better scholarly source than Istvans’ because he has more credibility, it is located in a text book, and the content is more cultured. Maitin-Shepard has more of a stable/logical background in the topic of morality and artificial intelligence while Istvan has more of an opinionated background. Maitin-Shepards essay is located in a textbook which makes it more credible because the school would not give us a book about false information, unless it were clearly stated as false information. Istvans essay is on a website, which is the Huffington post so it makes it seem more credible than it truly is because Huffington post is a popular name. Maitin-Shepards content is more believable because it is more factual than Istvans because Istvan is mostly writing about his opinion. Maitin-Shepards essay is a better scholarly writing than Istvans essay because it is easier to believe what Maitin-Shepard is saying because he has more of an educational background. According to Rectenwald and Carl (2015), “Jeremy Maitin-Shepard was born and raised in the Boston area, where he attended the Commonwealth School, an independent liberal arts high school. He studied computer science at Carnegie Mellon University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in 2008. He is currently a doctoral student in the…show more content…
Maitin-Shepards essay is published in “Scholarly Writing, Real World Topics”. Why would they put his essay in a textbook and give it to students if it were false information? Istvans essay is published online on Huffington post. Anyone can write stuff online. People might say he has a more scholarly essay than Maitin-Shepards because his is on Huffington post. However, all they have to do is find a popular subject and write about it. In order to be in a textbook they test the information you’re writing about and then publish

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