Major Approaches To English Literature

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Literature is a composed form of written work having specific quality in form, structure, conveying of emotions, widespread and abiding interest. Sometimes, it is mention as a product of imagination, uniqueness, thoughts, emotions and feelings etc.
English Literature is the literature which is composed and written in the English language. English Literature includes literary works not only written by writers from England but also from other parts of the world . It is divided into periods such as The Anglo-Saxon Period, The Medieval Period, English Renaissance or The Elizabethan Period, The Puritan Period, The Period of Neo Classicism, The Romantic Period, The Victorian Period and The Modern Period. There are various kinds of approaches concerning with proper study of literature. Approaches such as Analytical approach, Thematic approach, Historical approach. Aside from these three major approaches there are other approaches also such as Sociological criticism, Psychoanalytical criticism, Gender criticism, Mythic and Archetypal criticism, Reader-Response criticism, Formalist criticism and Structuralism. Analytical approach deals with the aspects of fiction which comprise plot, character, setting, point of view, theme, symbol, allegory, style and tone. Thematic approach deals with what is the literary piece of work is all about. Historical approach focuses on illustrating the historical development and background of literature during which it was being written. All the

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