Major Battle Fought Essay

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Major Battles
A lot of the most goriest and brutal battles were fought in the eastern part of the U.S. Mainly around Washington DC and Richmond, Virginia. One of the reasons I think that most of the battles were fought around here is because Richmond was the capital for the south and Washington DC was the capital of the north. I think one of the reasons that the battle of Chancellorsville was fought is because Robert E. Lee wanted to stop a flanking movement of Joe Hooker’s potomac region. Another plausible theory of why this battle was fought is that he wanted to push forward his troops to kill the other army’s troops so, that he could use his other part of his troops for the battle of gettysburg. The bloodiest day in America ever was September 17, 1862 also known as the battle of antietam. One of the plausible theories of why it was fought is that it was to stop Robert E. Lee’s first invasion on a northern state. That is a very plausible theory because Robert E. Lee was very aggressive and always tried to take the initiative in every battle or invasion. The
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Actually many or most of the land battles in the eastern theater occurred between the two capitals. Each side wanted to capture the opposing capital. This would give them a great advantage. So this seems to be where so much of the fighting took place. The Northern capture of Richmond was a prime goal, especially during the campaigns of 1862 and 1864. The North felt that it would put an early end to the war. The South wanted to carry the war into the North. The capture of Washington would cut that city off from the rest of the North. Once taken the South could bargain for a stalemate and win its independence. The Battle of Antietam in Maryland and the Battle of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania was Robert E. Lee 's attempt to take the war to the North. Eventually in April 1965, Grant did capture
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