Major Causes Of Divorce

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Divorce, which is the dissolution of a marriage usually is disintegration of a family. The prelude and the events leading to a divorce can be extremely stressful for all concerned. Divorce has been significantly increasing over the last few years not only in the modern western society but also in the mid-eastern and eastern societies. Several different causes can be attributed to this phenomena and there are serious consequences of its effects on the children, throughout their adolescence, teenage years and adulthood.
Over the years, divorce has increased manifold and the causes are usually complex and diverse. Though there may be innumerable reasons for divorces, studies have shown that the major causes are marital infidelity, economic problems,
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They may become more aggressive and could get into trouble with the school authorities or may become recluse and avoid going to school altogether. Studies have shown that children from divorced families may have poor test scores. Usually, their behavior would change if the parent chooses to move to a new place. The unfamiliar surroundings and change scare them and cause them to lash out negatively by getting involved with the wrong crowd and could lead teenagers to a life of drugs, excessive drinking and early sexual activity. These can also occur due to the fact that children would be under less parental supervision and would be more under the influence of their friends. Thus it would be easier for them to succumb to peer pressure and get involved in deviant…show more content…
This experience can teach children to be more tolerant and adaptable to changes. Older children may become more responsible and develop nurturing ability, especially if they have younger siblings. Further, single parents are likely to develop a stronger bond with their children than when they were married. In most cases, divorce would probably have a better effect on the child rather than them staying in an abusive or violent environment. Once the children are no longer exposed to the ongoing hostility in their living environment, they can benefit tremendously. While they miss living with both parents, ultimately they are much happier when they aren 't dealing with adult

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