Major Causes Of Imperialism

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Imperialism, which is the policy of a strong country extending power and influence through diplomacy or military force to take control over a weaker country. In simpler words, imperialism is when a strong country takes control over a weaker country. Imperialism has been present throughout the world 's history and still has influence today. Some specific causes of imperialism are economics, ethnocentrism, exploration, politics, and religion. Two events that were caused by imperialism was World War One and the invasion of Africa. Overall, imperialism causes a copious number of issues in society that took place in the past and still take place in today 's world. To start with, a few major causes of imperialism are economics, exploration, ethnocentrism, politics, and religion. Economics prompted imperialism due to countries pursuing benefits to improve their economies. Economic benefits mean having control of markets, raw material, and natural resources. Ethnocentrism was a cause of imperialism since its the belief that one race or nation’s values or beliefs were superior to those around them. The Europeans showed an example of ethnocentrism by stating the belief that those inferior races should be conquered in order to make them civilized. Exploration led to imperialism since nations wanted to explore territories that were unknown to them. Nations explored territories to lay claim to them, and sometimes for research means. Claiming territories showed national strength and
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