Major Changes In The Economy Of The United States Between 1865 And 1945

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The United States saw a major change in the economy and how goods were moved in the country between 1865 and 1945. The ending of the American Civil War allowed American innovators to begin work on new inventions that would change the American economy. The substantial change was the industrialization of America. Development of electricity and new techniques opened job opportunities in industries across America. The United States began to mass produce steel that was able to be used in the construction of major cities, use railroads to expand into the western part of the United States, and the standardization of money, roads, railroads, and laws surrounding quality of life. Work days became shorter and there became more time for leisure. More things in the house were automated and the development of cars sped up the process of deliveries and helped change the ways Americans traveled to another city. Advertisements and grocery stores increased the need for workers and made goods more readily available to Americans …show more content…

They became on reliant on others as a source of food and other things like entertainment. Advertisements began to pop up in the states to draw consumers into stores. In 1916 the first Piggly-Wiggly opened giving American consumers a place to shop for their needs. Piggly-Wiggly reinvented the self-service idea of grocery stores by labeling the products in the store and allowing customers to pick what they wanted and then go to the checkout area at the front of the store and purchase their items. By 1932 there were 2260 Piggly-Wiggly stores in the United States. This growth in the number of stores increased the demand for products to place on the shelves and the need for workers. This was another thing that drew people to urban cities in America was the ease of use at stores like Piggly-Wiggly and the jobs that were available

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