Major Characteristics Of The Italian Renaissance And The European Renaissance

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The Renaissance Era marked the transition between Medieval and Early Modern art in Europe into a time period of cultural change and diversity that all began in Italy. This period covers the 200 years between 1400 and 1600. The meaning of the word renaissance means "rebirth". When we consider this important time period in art history, there are two major characteristics to keep in mind. This era began the reconstruction and reviving of preexisting forms of architecture and art from the Roman and Greeks and a significantly broadened shift to the relevance of the individual within the art created. The European Renaissance began in Central Italy and centered in the cities of Florence and Siena. The effects of the Renaissance were later brought to Rome. The Italian Renaissance faced a major impact in the sixteenth century when foreign invasions began due to the beginning of wars. Because of these events, the Renaissance ideas spread to many other nations in Europe as well as creating the Renaissance period to sky-rocket in Northern Europe. This era almost spiked an economic context within the urban economies. Rome was a city of antiquity at this point and the cities in Northern and Central Italy had become much more prosperous. In the 13th century, much of Europe had experienced a time of economic growth. This allowed the network economy in Europe to become more stable. This era also began the understanding of technology, art and science. The Renaissance introduced the
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