Plot Summary Of 'Everything I Never Told You'

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Everything I never told you Before I talk about the serious things happened in this story, I must tell that “Everything I Never Told You” is one of the best novel which I road since 2016. There are a lot of descriptions in the stories, and those descriptions are really detail and exquisite. I enjoy reading this book so much. The most favorite sentence for me is “Morning sun fills the house, creamy as lemon chiffon, lighting the insides of cupboards and empty closets and clean, bare floor.” From the details in the sentences, I can image the story as the pictures in front of my eyes. Now, let me talk about the story, and share my personal opinions. The story is written around the death of Lydia, the second child in their family. Because of the story is mixing the realities and recalls together, I want to tell the story by character to character. There are six major characters in the story. First of all, Lydia is the second child in the…show more content…
Nath as the only friend of Lydia will leave her during the summer for his college studying. It made Lydia to think she lost her only friends and she feels really sad. The pressure of her mother is the main part of reasons. Marilyn is the perfect woman in the novel, and she wants to do everything as good as possible. She always wants to be doctor, but she does not have chance. She forces Lydia to be the doctor in the future. The thing she does not know is Lydia feel very tired and she does not want to be doctor. Later on, Lydia lost communications with her mother. The leaving of Marilyn is also gives some bad effect to Lydia. James is the second generation in the America, and he had a lot of racial discriminations. He forces his children communicate with local people, but he does know children got the racial discrimination too. Their pride being
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