Perfectionism In Anorexia Nervosa

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Perfectionism can be defined as a personal trait and its main aspect is the excessive fear of making mistakes (Frost, Marten, Lahart, & Rosenblate, 1990). (Shafran & Mansell, 2001) claimed that the major dimension of perfectionism is the utterly high expectations from oneself (as cited in Frost et al., 1990, p. 449). There are also five other dimensions such as high personal standards, the perception of high parental expectations, the perception of high parental criticism, the doubting of the quality of one’s action, and a preference for order and organization (as cited in Frost et al., 1990, p. 449). There are two types of perfectionism yet they have a lot of different names of the types by many researchers. Hamachek (1978) made a distinction…show more content…
Anorexia Nervosa has a positive correlation between perfectionism, insecure attachment styles and distress over body image (Lazarević, Batinić &Vukosavljević-Gvozden, 2016). (Vohs, Bardone, Joiner, Abramson, & Heatherton, 1999) suggested that perfectionism may combine with other risk elements and cause eating disorders (as cited in Bardone-Cone et al., 2007, p. 385). (Holliday, Uher, Landau, Collier, & Treasure, 2006) have claimed that both perfectionism and compulsivity are making the patient more vulnerable to anorexia nervosa (as cited in Nilsson, Sundbom, & Bruno, 2008, p.…show more content…
Challenging oneself may force people to go on and achieve those standards. Also, it can be concluded that the major problem with anorexia nervosa and perfectionism is, there are not enough longitudinal research done so far to observe the relationship between anorexia nervosa and perfectionism. Because of this problem, the relationship between anorexia nervosa and perfectionism is still uncertain. It is hard to conduct a longitudinal research because it is hard to track and observe patients for years, but in this case it is essential to do more longitudinal research. Furthermore, there should be more cross-cultural studies because it is an important aspect of a study in order to get more accurate results. Lastly there are inadequate amount of research that focuses on familial influence on perfectionism and eating
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