Cause And Effect Of Juvenile Delinquency

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Juvenile delinquency is closely linked to how their family raised them. Juvenile related crimes make up… percentage of over all crime, but has been decreasing over the past few decades due to…. The major factor that makes a juvenile delinquent is the family. An unfunctional family can be the main ingredient for juvenile behavior such as the environment where the child was raised, children who are being raised by parents who are involved in criminal activity themselves. The children who inherit genes from parent offenders. Also, child abandonment. The major key ingredients families who affect a juvenile’s life are, the environment, parent offenders, inherit genes, and child abandonment are all key elements of responsibilities for families the…show more content…
In the case of Vinnie Gerecke, a sixteen-year-old teen, Mathview Baldonado who was charge with the murder of Gerecke with five other teens who went on a crime spree. The victim’s family is charging the parents of the young teen for being responsible for the murder. Baldonado is sentence five years in jail but victim’s family think the offendants parents should be accountable as well due to bad parenting. In another case, Loretta Villalobos was charge for negligence allowed her son to murder his twelve-year-old friend. The prosecution knew her son was violent, but Villalobos allowed her son to go out unsupervised with a friend. Villalobos faces up to eighteen years in prison for negligent child abuse that lead to death. The system can hinder rather than help the situation, for an example a case in Indiana, parents were charge with a felony for their child skipping school if the parents were proticuted, they could spend up to thirty months in jail for…show more content…
Testosterone is a masculine hormone produced in men and women, develops a sex drive, facial hair and muscular traits but men produce the hormone more than women and women normally produce the hormone after mid age. The relationship between testosterone and juvenile delinquency is the hormone is produce during the state of puberty, which criminal behavior usually occurs. The National Institute of Justice show most juvenile offenders spiking between the ages of fifteen through nineteen. Normally puberty takes places during the early age of fifteen, which produces testosterone and the hormone is inherit by the

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