Essay On Contingency Theory In Policing

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Critical Thinking Essay Module 3 Major Organizational Theories In Police Administration & Policing In module 3 we learned and discussed about the major organizational theories related in policing. The first organizational theory that I will be discussing today is the resource dependency theory which talks about helping a person control their stress and much more. The second theory is the intuitional theory which talks about ways to protect and care for people in the police filed and the last theory that I will be discussing is the contingency theories which talks about ways to make decisions without using the basics. All these theories have a lot in common the most important thing that they are all focused on is on reducing and controlling the crime rate. This theories can not only be used in the life of a person in the police field but in a person’s normal daily life.
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This theory is the theory that claims that there really is no right way in which one lead a company, make decagons, nor organize a corporation. The Contingency Theory claims that the best way is to use the “optimal course of action” by using the “internal and external situation” or in other using the cause and effect theory. This is a very interesting theory because most theories will tell you specific ways in which you can succeed, whether its as being a leader or whether its making a big decision. In policing this is very important because it is easier for you to think about the “cause and effect” situation and the “what if”. So for example one can say “If I enter that house without the warrant, I am going to get in huge problems” In this example you’re making a bright decision because you are realizing and analyzing the consequences of your actions before you commit them and I think that this step is crucial not just in the police life but in the everyday life of a
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