Major Primary Source Paper: The Koran

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Major Primary Source Paper: Koran
This paper will be discussing the Koran and specific questions about how The Koran, Hebrew scripture and the Bible relate to a specific section of the Koran. The specific section being pages 204, 205 and 208. The Koran is a religious text written almost 1500 years ago. It was written down by the prophet Mohammed. It is believed to come directly from God. God was not the one that told Mohammed though God told the angel Gabriel and intern Gabriel told Mohammed.
In the Koran Moses and Jesus are two different prophets of God. Moses was the son of an Israelite slave in Egypt. The Egyptians did not allow the slaves to have boys and order them killed because they did not want the Israelite bloodline to continue. So in hopes to save her son she put him
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The Koran makes it very clear that God is there and is helping, and he does not like the evilness of Pharaoh. "Set forth with my servants in the night and strike for them to dry path across the sea have no fear for being overtaken, nor let anything dismay you." Page 212 The Lord is taking a larger role with Moses in the Koran than the Hebrew scripture.
Jesus in the Koran is not the son of God he is only a holy son or a Prophet. "Such was Jesus son of Mary. That is the whole truth, which they still doubt." Page 204 The crown is clearly stating that they do not believe that Jesus is the son of God and for those who do believe that recall the story of Abraham. "Abraham said to his father 'why do you worship worthless idols, a think that can be neither hear nor see" This is trying to convey the point that Worshiping Jesus as an adult is wrong and he's a false idol.
In in the selection from the Koran it doesn't say specifically how to treat Christians or Jews but it has a few brief quotes that can give clues. "Yet, if they deny this revelation you may destroy yourself with grief, sorrowing over them." Page

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