Major Role In Trench Warfare

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Trench Warfare was a grave idea on both sides of the battlefield. Trench Warfare was a grave idea on both sides because of pests,diseases, and the living conditions First of all, the living conditions in Trench Warfare took a major role. The living in Trench Warfare were harsh,dangerous,and dirty. Soldiers had to be fully aware of their surroundings during night time. During nighttime, enemies could drop bombs, dropping bombs in the middle of the night was suspenseful because you can hear the loud engines in the enemy plane up above. Rats can snatch food and infect soldiers, and frogs could cause a nuisance. Frogs caused a nuisance in Trench Warfare because of their loud sounds. If you're in No Man's Land and a frog happened to be nearby,…show more content…
Rats especially, caused a huge problem for many of the soldiers in Trench Warfare. Rats snatched up food when an opportunity was given to them. For the worst part, it could even infect your meal. Rats also terrified soldiers due to their unpleasant demeanor. When I mean that, I'm trying to say that if you were left unguarded, a Rat would most likely assault you. Fun fact about rats during Trench Warfare was that they would most likely eat the eyes out first before any other body part. Bugs was also another problem in Trench Warfare, very small bugs like lice affected soldiers drastically. Lice was very difficult to remove, especially if you were in direct combat. Lice was would itch the soldier. Lice was also passed down from soldier to soldier during the Trench Warfare. Not only was lice easily transferred from one to another. When soldiers cleaned their clothes to remove lice, it actually made lice eggs hatch rather than removing lice. The only way to remove lice was a delousing machine but instead lice were hidden. Lice also produced thousands of eggs within a year. Another severe problem about pests during Trench Warfare was Fleas. During the Trench Warfare, fleas carried typhus, which was a deadly disease which could poison soldiers. Fleas were also on rats, so diseases could get transferred on air or
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