Major Roles In School Shootings

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In this scenario, there are several characters that play major roles. The first is Jacob, who is the main character, and plays the biggest role in this scenario. Jacob is viewed as different and as a misfit; he doubts his own abilities and he believes that his peers and others can’t help him. He is a very troubled kid, and in the end resorts to gun violence to try and solve his problems, and get his revenge. Jacobs’ parents play a major role in this scenario. They know about Jacob’s condition and how he didn’t want to attend school. Despite his resistance they force him to continue his education, and refuse to listen to his pleas. All of the peers that Jacob communicate with play major roles in this scenario. Many of his peers know about Jacobs’ condition, and instead of helping or talking to him, they laugh and make fun of the him for being “different”. Lastly, Jacob’s economics professor plays a major role in this scenario. After a situation where Jacob told his professor he didn’t want to participate in group work, he responded by calling him a “bum”. Following this Jacob cursed out his professor, which led to the professor singling Jacob out and making his life harder than the average student. These are all of the characters that play major roles in this scenario. The environment and context of this situation have major relevance in today’s society. School shootings have been a problem in the high school and college institutions for years now, and are getting

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