Major Subcultures In Fashion

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Introduction to Design Studies
Juliette Robbins
Final Essay : Subcultures in Fashion throughout History.
Aishwary Bundela

25th November 2016
 Subcultures in Fashion throughout History : Does anything Real exist?

 Fashion has been a part of major subcultures and movements throughout the 20th century. If Fashion is component of culture then subcultures could be called “ A cultural group within a larger culture, often having beliefs or interests at variance with those of the larger culture “ hence directly connecting it as a organized upon a particular set of features of appearance or costume that makes the people of these subcultures distinctive in their own way by having a rebellious sense and originality.

 Every subculture holds its own norms and regulations, Fashion on the other hand is a field of breaking these norms - helping and giving a creative freedom to the people to be original. But how real are these subcultural garments? Are all the fashion products produced in these re-occuring trends/styles of many past movements creatively authentic or are they just another way to produce something and fool the masses in a “Creative” manner? What is real? Something produced with an inspiration or having elements of a movement or past - will it still be original?

 My answer to this is No. As a Fashion student most of the time I have been given assignments to create garments with “Inspirations from the past or Time periods”, Inspiration could be from anything

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