Major Themes And Messages In William Wordsworth's Tintern Abbey

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Dare to Dream, Dare to Hope
(An Analysis of Major Themes and Messages in William Wordsworth’s Tintern Abbey)

Great poets in history are slowly becoming more and more repressed and unremembered as time goes on. Generation after generation become less and less appreciative of the great works devised by these great poets. Those that still are aware of these poets learn the many valuable and hidden meanings that lie just below the surface. Poetry is an understanding and an art that must be studied beyond just simply reading it, to gain knowledge or just a peek inside the mind of the poet and develop an idea of what the poem is actually trying to convey. Erin Murphy, professor of English and creative writing at Penn State Altoona, states "There is
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Though the poem mostly reflects the influence of the abbey and the area around it, Wordsworth also talks about the value of respecting the people around you. Humans go each day talking and speaking to others, never realizing the small acts of kindness that make their day a little better each time. Wordsworth speaks of the “best portion of a good man’s life. / His little, nameless, unremembered, acts / of kindness and love” (33-35) These acts proving rewarding and comforting to those that are on the receiving end of this kindness. The power of small acts of kindness each day can be just as rewarding as a great act of public kindness. Dr. Steve Taylor, psychology professor at Leeds Metropolitan University, states that “witnessing altruistic acts can be a source of ‘peak experiences ' - those moments of awe, wonder and a sense of ‘rightness’ which make us feel immensely grateful to be alive” (Taylor). Realizing, understanding, and respecting those that bring kindness and comfort into other’s lives can bring great joy and influence to do the
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