Major Themes In American Literature

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American Literature is the literary area which contains many of the most renowned writers in English. Although it is the literary area of America, its literary tradition begins with the tradition of British Literature. But now it has its own literary tradition. Most of the American writers proved that their novels are the reflection of the society in which they are grown up. Moreover, the political writings in American Literature discussed the social issues like liberty, education system of modern culture etc.
In the 20th century American Literature, it is found that the American writers were much interested in the field of socialism. It includes many political writers and many journalistic critics. We can find many autobiographical writings in the same period. American writers were highly inspired by the British writers because present day United States was a series of British colonies in early days. In the middle of 19th century they found their own tradition, style and themes. It led to their contribution of inimitable styles and themes to the world of literature. During this period, many American writers exhibited their sensitivity to the people who were victims of the World War II.
They have panoramised, in their writings, the cynicism that followed the war. Other problems of the early 20th century society were social segregation, suppression, lack of education, lack of peace etc. The American writers used to react against these social problems through their novels
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