Diasporic Cinema Themes

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Diasporic Cinema is a medium that encapsulates the stories of immigrant people and thus, in a way, mimics real life. The stories are made complex by the notion of transient identities and social structures. Diasporas do not emerge out of a sudden rupture, but have the qualities of dislocation and displacement. The spaces that come to be inhabited by the Diaspora are often hybrid and multicultural in nature. Hybridity, which becomes a part of the émigré, also transcends in such liminal spaces that get occupied. Hybridity is a term used by postcolonial scholars to signify the immigrant’s sense of displacement and dislocation, and fragmentation of identities, often resulting in spaces inhabited by Diasporic communities. There are recurring themes that surface in Indian Diasporic Cinema. The common themes are often woven around the issue of nostalgia towards the untainted motherland, resentment towards a lost Culture, holding on to pastiche culture, alienation and a sense of otherness in a foreign land, racial tension, generation gap, and Identity struggles. However, of all the complexities that bind the lives of Indian immigrants, there are certain elements…show more content…
It looks at the conflict of tradition and cultural issues faced by second generation Indians living in London. The children of this family are expected to abide by certain social norms, prescribed behaviour and follow the Indian culture in terms of clothing, food, music and language. Also, many issues pertaining to place, gender, religion and culture surface through the narrative, exposing the complex array of identity constructs that go into an immigrant

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