First Impressions Of Pride And Prejudice By Jane Austen

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Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
The title suggests that instances of excessive pride and excessive prejudice will take place, and these will be major characteristics of some characters. Originally titled First Impressions, the author indicates that first impressions may be due to pride and prejudice.
Setting Longbourn, England; Early 19th Century

Historical Information
Austen was born in the time of the American and French Revolutions. This is tied in through the symbolized revolt against classes performed by Elizabeth and Darcy.
The Regency Period is also employed as classes were a major portion of the book, and breaking the bounds set by society.
Proper etiquette of the time was both followed and not followed throughout the novel.

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As a family of all daughters, Mrs. Bennet strives to marry her daughters off to wealthy men to ensure that they have bright futures. When Mr. Bingley, a mysterious, wealthy bachelor moves to town, Mrs. Bennet is sure to send her husband to meet him to ensure he will meet her daughters. She wants Jane to marry this man, and they finally meet at a ball. There, he dances with Jane twice, more than with all the other girls. Mr. Bingley brings friends into town, his sisters and one Mr. Darcy. All of the girls swoon over Darcy at first, until they realize that he refuses to consort with anyone of a lower social status. He particularly insults Elizabeth Bennet by stating that she is plain and he would never dance with her, even though she is standing there without a partner. Later, Jane falls ill after visiting with the Bingley’s and Elizabeth walks miles through the mud to visit her and ensure she is well. The Bingley sisters make fun of Elizabeth’s lower social status the whole time she is there, and display major prejudice against her. Elizabeth then meets Mr. Wickham, who has a bad relationship with Mr. Darcy, and determines that she likes his company. Following another ball where Elizabeth’s family displays bad behavior, particularly Mr. Collins attempting to introduce himself to Mr. Darcy, Mr. Darcy convinces the Bingley family to leave the countryside. Jane is heartbroken and believes that Mr. Bingley no longer likes her. She visits London with some family to detox, and Elizabeth goes to visit Charlotte and her husband, Mr. Collins, who had previously proposed to Elizabeth but was rejected. While there, she encounters Lady Catherine as well as Mr. Darcy and a relative. There, Mr. Darcy proposes in an insulting manner and is turned down, with Elizabeth responding is just as insulting a manner as him. He gives Elizabeth a letter outlining Mr. Wickham’s actions and explaining everything
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