Major Themes In Lost Innocence In The Book Thief

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Lost Innocence is a major theme throughout in all three novels. Each novel portrayed it in different ways and each novels is also has a variety of other minor themes. When Liesel moves to Himmel street she befriends a young boy named Rudy. Throughout The Book Thief Rudy symbolises pure innocence. He never understands what is going on around him. He is know as the boy who is obsessed with the black athlete Jesse Owens. One day he paints himself with charcoal and runs around a field. His father catches him and Rudy does not understand the severity of his actions in that time period. The following quotation illustrates Rudy’s ignorance as to what is happening around him. “Alex said, “You can’t go around panting yourself black, you hear?” Rudy was interested, and confused. The moon was undone now, free to move and rise and fall and drip onto the boy’s face, making him nice and murky, like his thoughts. “Why not, Papa?” … “I wish I was like Jesse Owens, Papa.” This time, Mr Steiner placed his hand on Rudy’s head and explained, “I know son – but you’ve got beautiful blonde hair and big, safe blue eyes. You should be happy with that, is that clear?” But nothing was clear. Rudy understood nothing.” Rudy’s innocence forms a noticeable contrast to Liesel in their…show more content…
And at the centre of all of it, she saw the Führer, shouting his words and passing them around. Those images were the world, and it stewed in her as she sat with the lovely books and their manicured titles. It brewed in her as she eyed the pages full to the brims of their bellies with paragraphs and words. You bastards, she thought. You lovely bastards. … The words. Why did they exist? Without them, there wouldn’t be any of this. Without words, the Führer was nothing. There would be no limping prisoners, no need for consolation or wordly tricks to make us feel better. What good were

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