Major Transformations In American History

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Throughout time in American History, major transformations have taken place. By 1789, American society transformed fundamentally. I agree that we adopted a radically democratic form of government in which the voice of the people was paramount. Furthermore, we developed a fully independent and thriving economic system as well as overthrown the old social order. With this, it enabled putting in place a system of social equality unlike the world has ever seen. Most of these transformations had good intentions to bring a lot of new ideas of government; also there were a lot of uncertainties during this time. The new radically democratic form of government had faced some major challenges that covered various facets of concern, growth, power, and potential risks.…show more content…
A huge concern for the smaller states was of the representation and power of voice due to their size and the potential lack of representation would place dramatic and damaging affects to their future. Additionally, large parts of the population in the southern states during this time were made up of slaves while the northern states had a large population of free white men. During this time, slaves as well as women were not allowed to vote and did not have a voice when it came to making decisions about the government’s current and future stated. A major concern that placed huge risks with some of the slavery states was the fear that the northern states would take over and make their voice silent. Also the states faced hard economic times after the revolutionary war. Although there were independent and thriving economic systems, some states still faced various challenges. After the revolutionary war, the national government found
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