Majora's Mask Character Analysis

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Writing is incredibly ranged. Not just in the styles, you express it, but the settings you create out of it. You might want to write about a realistic world with realistic characters or create a mythological fantasy tale with magic, spirits, and gods. However, it's when the two settings can come together naturally in a story, that can elevate the tale higher on a level then it wasn't before. While we may wish for a wondrous world filled to the brim with magic and demons, it's when the creator can blend elements from our real world seamlessly into the fictional one that can help the story connect to the onlooker. Books and films have been using this writing technique for many years, but only over the last decade, have video games and their developers…show more content…
Yet despite its oddities and quirks, the game beautifully depicts true humanity and realism within a purely imaginary universe. Not in its settings and gameplay, but its characters and themes. Majora's Mask is the only Zelda game in the entire franchise where the side-quest characters are given emotional depth to them. The way the developers did this is through moments of gameplay and dialogue, where the characters are given the opportunity to be alone or talk to others, where the player can listen in on their conversations. These points are where the characters act like real people and not just a wall of text for the player to find and read. Even their reactions feel real and genuine. Every major character in Majora's Mask knows that they will die in 3 days, and each one of them reacts differently to that fact. There are characters who panic, characters who already accept their fate, and characters who believe that running away will make things end up alright. These emotions feel real to us because it's what we would do. If the world was going to be destroyed in 3 days, there would be people who would react this way. It's not shallowness. It's human nature. Having characters that feel real in turn makes the world itself feel real. If there are characters in this world that act real, then it will help suspend our disbelief. It'll help convince us that it isn't just a huge wall of code. Its real, which help moves it from a gaming experience to realistic-feeling

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