Make America Great Again Analysis

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“The American Dream is dead.” “Make America Great Again.” “A New American Dream is upon us.” These quotes exemplify the rhetoric that politicians have been using this election year to display our nation as an economic, political, and social downturn. And what is similar about statements is that they are all spurious. Authors such as Denis Hamill shed light on the fact that the American Dream is still alive and revitalizes Americans all around the nation. “Hamill: The American Dream is alive this Labor Day weekend thanks to President Obama,” is an article that views this dream in terms of an objective point of view. While we all assert what the American Dream is truly defined as, we all have different ideologies. But, I personally feel that the American Dream involves a United States’s where we are secure, and economically safe and sound. We have enough to tend and care for our loved ones, and we live in an America where we are not deprived of basic rights. Denis Hamill portrays how all these factors are still present in our nation,…show more content…
Kennedy told the American people “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” He said this during a time of great tension and conflict. Today, millions of Americans are facing the same rhetoric and fear that they did during Kennedy’s administration. Only this time, the fear isn't of nuclear destruction, but rather issues that are minuscule. President Obama has done an unprecedented job in reviving the concept of the American Dream, but our expectations and our willingness to achieve the dream has declined. We are not providing any service in return for the services that our government provides, and many of us are fighting the benefits we are receiving. It is time that our nation rises together and appreciates that efforts that the current administration has taken. The American dream is achievable for every person in this great nation, but only if we allow ourselves to achieve
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