Make America Great Again

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Ronald Reagan’s campaign slogan was “Let’s Make America Great Again.”
Let’s get down to the real nitty gritty. Donald Trump steals slogans, ideas, casinos, airline etc. When he came up with, “Make America Great Again,” people, including Michelle Obama were saying, America is already great.
Not only did Ronald Reagan use it first, but former President Bill Clinton used it after Reagan did. Reagan used it as a springboard to his campaign based on our country’s interior crisis. We were in economic distress so Reagan in order to bolster America’s confidence, came up with the slogan, “Let’s Make America Great America.”
When Bill Clinton used it in his 1992 presidential campaign, he later claimed the statement was a racist “dog whistle” during …show more content…

President Roosevelt was prejudiced and had xenophobia against Americans of Japanese descent. President Trump is prejudiced against Americans of Hispanic and Muslim descent. If he remembered how that impacted America, he might not feel like building walls or preventing people from certain nations from entering the United States. As Senator John Kennedy wrote in his famous 1958 essay, “A nation of immigrants,” the current white-hot political debate over the contours of immigration reform has resulted in hateful rhetoric, profiling, stereotyping, and dehumanizing language about Hispanics, Muslims, and new immigrants to America.
President Trump filed bankruptcy four times, and did not learn how to avoid going bankrupt before trying to run a nation.
He opened a university, a casino, had unpaid worker, dissatisfied students who sued him and won, and a Taj Mahal. After each business went into bankruptcy, one by one, he neglected to learn from each business – what went wrong?
President Trump continuously does bad, underhanded business even though, he continually gets

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