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Make Lemonade Jolly 's Environment Essay Environment can shape a person in many ways, it can make you happy or sad. Successful or a failure. Environment has almost the same impact on your life as your choices and determination do they can make it or break it. Make Lemonade by Virginia Euwer Wolff, was a book that made the dynamic characters ' identities mature or force them to be stuck in depressing bad situations. Although Jolly has been raised in a bad place, like all of the rest of the characters in the story, she also has 2 small children that she is responsible for. She makes improvements in her identity and situation by taking advantage of available programs that are trying to help her better her future. Jolly in the first part of…show more content…
(29, 54) Despite the fact that Jolly was in a bad place, she still had people in her life like LaVaughn who were having a positive influence on her and her actions. For example, Jolly dropped out of high school at a young age because of her giving birth to Jeremy and Jilly. She had never got the chance to go back because she had to work to be able to pay the bills. There was no time to go to school, which Jolly originally laughed at because the thought of going back to school was incredulous to her and it was ridiculous. But then not necessarily willingly Jolly ends up in the Moms Up Program at LaVaughn 's high school due to LaVaughn. She talked to 'Barbara ' and found out how to involve Jolly in it. It 's a program for teens like Jolly to be able to go back to school and get a GED. Rules of being in the program, though, are beneficial. "She [Jolly] gets rewards for going regular... her attendance has to stay regular or she gets penalties" (104). If LaVaughn wouldn 't have forcibly made Jolly go to school she would be in a much worse place than she was. No fixed income and 2 small children don 't exactly make for a stable financial situation. And then there is the fact that even though the Mom 's Up Program pays LaVaughn for an hour of babysitting a day so Jolly can do her homework, LaVaughn had babysat for Jolly for at least 19 hours and had never gotten paid. So let 's assume that Jolly gets paid what maybe $6-7 dollars an hour? That 's $114 dollars of debt and Jolly is extremely grateful because not many people in that city would do that, if they didn 't get paid they would ditch. But LaVaughn stays with Jolly and helps her through her hard times and makes sure that Jolly gets fixed (99). LaVaughn genuinely cares about what happens to Jolly and poor Jeremey and Jilly and wants to make it better, in a way she is a second mother to the kids because she was there all of the time. So when LaVaughn tells Jolly that she will help her is a miracle. "You need yourself a job
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