Case Study Of Make N Bake Restaurant

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Product and Services

The Make n’ Bake restaurant is a new idea in this market where the parents and children 's can have fun and enjoy their meal. Meanwhile, Make n’ Bake helps the children 's bake their own cake 's, cupcakes and cookies. It calls in customers, for example, guardians and children offering an energizing and unique indulging knowledge. Amazing food, caring and proficient management, and an engaging, exciting environment. Our food menu will be set up with care and be of the finest quality. The menu of Make n’ Bake has been added to our appendices.
Problems and Solutions Problem 1
Hiring staff
Most successful restaurant owners know the importance of hiring and training the right employees. Yet, we have problem that many
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We genuinely trust that training our chefs to work with children and also to serve their families is not a trick, it is a way to being more advantageous and to build up a happier and sustainable life. We likewise also trust that customers need to have the best of food when it comes to taste and quality, as the correct formulae can bring both…show more content…
Service & Product Innovation

Make n’ Bake pulls would build up its customer base by pulling in prospective customers by offering an energizing and one of a kind eating background. Very professional and friendly service, high quality of food and an engaging, thrilling and a fun filled environment for kids separates Make n’ Bake from its rivals in the current market.
Our market for selling would be split up into the following:
¬ SUSPECTS is where our website and Facebook pages will be offering a few special recipes of Make n’ Bake for free. In addition to this, we would also be sending a small gift package once every month to our neighboring businesses which would attract them to bring their families to our restaurant.

¬ PROSPECTS customers are the ones who receive a discount on their first time at the restaurant or if they have given us their contact information. They can win these discounts through our website competitions, raffles or through newsletter
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