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A successful drama should be support with the stageholders that work and do their best to produce a satisfying result. Here, I will explained more about the role and duty of make up artist in drama, my job description in drama which including the plus and the minus, and also the resolution that I wish to be in the future. I was a Cambridge’s drama crew and stated as a make up artis for the actor and actresses. Being a make up artis in drama is my first time experience to do. I have not experience about doing make up for certain event especially in a drama. I do always make up-ing someone and doing it for fun, not for a serious purposes. The times bring me to a situation that I have to do my best and seriously doing my hobby at the same time.…show more content…
Allingham face, I do contour her face to make her cheeks bone higher and strength. Contouring on her cheeks bone, forehead and the lower jaw. As the final touch I also add a bit of highlighter on the face of the actress. For the makeup of sir Richard, arrise a problem that we can not have any fake mustache, so we decide to draw the mustache on the actor face. We do really afraid that the actor’s mustache will faded because he might be sweating during the performance. Fortunately, we are performing in a cold place that full of air conditioner so we do not need to be worry about it. We do a light make up to sir Richard and contouring too. Next is about the hair do of those actor and actresses. Internet is really necessary due to my job description as a make up artist. I’m not just done the make up but also the hair do. We do really confused at the first because the internet show so many result of the Edwardian women hair do. A length and curled hair, a bun yet messy hair, and so on. We do discussed it with other member of the group to see which one is the better used for Mrs. Allingham and Enid. For Mrs. Allingham, it was quite easy to decide the hair style. We do curled the whole hair Mrs. Allingham, divide them into several part and then flop it with bobby-pin. We do it for the whole hair of Mrs. Allingham to make it unity and look like

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