Make Up Artist In Drama

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A successful drama should be support with the stageholders that work and do their best to produce a satisfying result. Here, I will explained more about the role and duty of make up artist in drama, my job description in drama which including the plus and the minus, and also the resolution that I wish to be in the future. I was a Cambridge’s drama crew and stated as a make up artis for the actor and actresses. Being a make up artis in drama is my first time experience to do. I have not experience about doing make up for certain event especially in a drama. I do always make up-ing someone and doing it for fun, not for a serious purposes. The times bring me to a situation that I have to do my best and seriously doing my hobby at the same time.…show more content…
Initially, we are not allowed to used the real actor and actresses because they were busy remembering and practising the drama everyday. The director advice me to do it with other member of the group. Surprisingly, they were very happy to decide as the experiment. As I seen in video tutorial in youtube, the women in Edwardian era were using very light make up with a red cheek and pink rose lips. However, there comes a time when something really confusing me. The problem are, when I do a very light make up of the actor and actresses, we can not the the transformation of their face as well. They still look the same, and have a slight differences between before having make up and after having make up. Also, other consideration is, we do the performance in the very minimum light, because lighting is adjustable due to the story. Then, if I do a very light make up, they just still look not change. The audience at the back may not see the difference clearly, but how about the audience who sit at the front of the stage? Yes, they could see it clearly that the actor and actress just look the same with their daily look. So, I decide to put the make up a little bit more and make the actor and actresses look different. I used light yet bit bold in Mrs. Allingham face and and red rose lipstick as the statement that Mrs. Allingham is a mature woman from upper middle class. For Enid, I was doing a natural makeup for Enid especially on the cheeks. Iam really concern on putting much blush-on to Enid’s cheeks as the statement of a child in early 1910 of Edwardian era. Another problem arrise when, do we need to put wrinkle on Mrs. Allingham face? Many times we argued about this because a woman around 40 years old has less wrinkle, then we decide to not put any wrinkle in Mrs. Allingham
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