Makeu Makeup: Unrealistic Standards Of Beauty

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Makeup. A multi-billion dollar industry that dominates the media. Anybody who has ever tried their hand at cosmetics knows the challenge of creating the perfect winged eyeliner, and has failed at least once, miserably. It has become general knowledge for girls that you must always blend in your foundation, or else you will have terrible orange streaks across your face. Makeup gives women a strong sense of confidence, self-love, and boldness. So every girl should feel that their contour adds to their natural beauty. We should applaud the ones who are able to seamlessly create a new form of art using their already present features. Too often girls are forced into thinking that makeup is to be used if you do not meet the unrealistic standards of beauty that have been set by people who deceptively mask their flaws.…show more content…
People are bigger than their flaws, and no one should be limited to their appearance. I believe that the power of makeup is much deeper than a layer on our skin, it is the self expression and creativity that empowers self-love. When a woman is able to boldly outline her lips and fill them with the color of her desire, she is reflecting the passion that fills her personality. Makeup is not to be used to conceal the insecurities that everyone is affected by, it is to be used to overcome self-doubt. However, it seems that with use of makeup, judgement from society ensues. I have personally experienced this from family, friends, and peers; they often believe makeup somehow degrades your intelligence. Nevertheless, I am capable of things much greater than my
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