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Applying good-quality makeup is a costly business in India but, removing that makeup with a proper makeup cleanser is even costlier. Though I prefer cleansing milks forgetting out of my water-proof makeup, I have tried a few cleansing oils and bi-phased makeup removers as well. From my experience I have found that almost all bi-phased makeup removers work in the same way. There is a layer of some kind of oil for dissolving water-proof makeup and the other layer seems to be a facial cleansing solution for cleaning up the accumulated impurities and washable makeup. This revelation intrigued me to make my own version of Bi-phased makeup remover of which I am going to share the recipe today. My homemade makeup cleanser uses minimum investment and…show more content…
As I mentioned at the beginning, any skin-friendly oil or heavy carrier oil like Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Almond Oil, Olive Oil or even Vegetable Oil is sufficient to serve the purpose. I am using a Baby Oil which has mineral oil in it. I use Mineral Oil because stays on top of skin’s surface. I have very acne-prone skin and majority of natural oils cause bursts of new pimples with just one application because they penetrate deeper into the skin and increases oiliness. I do a double wash on my face afterwards which removes all tresses of mineral oil from my face so its harmful effects do not get its time to put dents on the skin.

The recipe is quite simple and you can easily prepare it in less than 5 minutes. We are going to prepare a makeup remover with 2 layers of liquid cleanser; one layer will be of water-based kind and the other will be oil-based. Here are the steps,

Take ½ cup water in a plastic or glass bowl (avoid metallic containers as it may hamper the composition of the ingredients).
Add 3 tablespoon liquid cleanser to this water and stir until the cleanser gets dissolved completely.
Finally add ¼ cup of the oil to finish the preparation.
Pour the concoction in a clean bottle for future use. Again you are advised to avoid metal bottles.

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