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The purpose of making a claim is to be persuasive at all cost. Having visuals when you are trying to present a claim is very important in fact its crucial in your claim. When you have visuals in your claim the audience, is able to react to it, thus making them believe that your social problem must be addressed immediately. For example, the destruction of nature. Many people don’t believe that the destruction of nature is actually happening, but when you take two pictures of the same biome with different time (years) one being untouched by humans and the other one being touched by humans you can notice the destruction of that biome. Another example that’s still common is L.A.P.D. brutality. The beating of Rodney King demonstrated that L.A.P.D.…show more content…
However, visuals can go “too far” depending the situation and possibly make the claim less persuasive. For example, take the current news event of a teen boy getting eaten alive by a 28-year-old man in Texas. The news media put up a picture online showing a bathtub full of the teens’ blood. Having this picture up online can traumatize audience and especially those who have a fear of blood. Pictures of slavery are another example of illustrations going too far. Lots of pictures and videos were shown of African Americans getting their hands cut off as punishment or getting whipped. Even though, visuals can go “too far” sometimes crucial photos are needed to receive a reaction from the audience and Hurricane Katrina is a perfect example. Hurricane Katrina was a very tragic storm that destroyed millions of homes for the people living in the Gulf Coast of the U.S. Pictures that were being taken of this incident and shown in news made the audience feel sympathy for them and with these sympathy donations started to come in, temporary shelters started to come in, people from different communities started aiding the ones in need, etc. Visuals of Chinas dog leather is another example. Once the audience sees how they are producing leather they will start paying close attention in what they are wearing and cut down in leather making Chinas dog leather production

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