Making A Difference In My Community Essay

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Making a Difference in My Community What are your long-term personal and education goals? How has knowledge or awareness of your own culture and other cultures affected your understanding of yourself? What key experiences with your own and/or other cultures influenced your goals and your interactions with others? Please provide specific examples. How do you plan to use your college education to make a difference in your community? As a hard-working high school senior my main focus is to pursue a higher education after high school and pursue going to college to study computer science. As a young adult I believe It is very important to keep developing as not only a student but also a person, I strongly believe that education is the key component to establishing a…show more content…
This quote directly represents how I feel educating is important to one's self-improvement and the improvement of the work around them. It is crucial for a person to always keep learning, its what develops the brain, helps to form our character and it is a privilege that not all people are able to get. it is when we stop learning and educating ourselves out body becomes a useless vessel. But education can't help build a better future without action, one of my personal goals is to help people, inspire them and make their lives better. I was lucky enough to have a chance of getting an education, having food on my plate and a roof over my head in order for me to become who I am today. the unfortunate truth is that not everyone is as lucky as I am to get that chance, around the world there are children who don't have a chance to learn or to get food on their plates, it is our responsibility and destiny in life to help others. I would like to be part of that change in the future, to help those in need and inspire those who are lost. as someone that was born in a third world country I have and an idea of what it is like when you have limited resources. I'm a
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