Making Billy Cry Analysis

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Literary Essay In the story Don’t Give Up the Fight and Making Sarah Cry, the common theme is courage. The common theme is courage because in both stories they both have the boys treating girls horribly because of who they are and what their gender is. Even though the two stories have the same theme they both are different in many ways. For example, in Don’t Give Up the Fight the main character, Ava, told her best friend and later stood up to the track coach and her fellow track teammates. But in Making Sarah Cry the main character, Sarah, just let it go and continued to go along with it until recess was over so It could start again the next day In Don’t Give…show more content…
This shows courage because he made her life horrible and was very mean to her by trying to make her cry, but she still very nicely stood up to him. That is why this book shows courage. Although both stories have many things in common, they both also have many of things that they have that are differences between them. For instance In Making Sarah Cry she did nothing about getting bullied and she just kept (stupidly) coming outside. However, In don’t give up the fight she told her best friend and then her and her best friend told the principal. Therefore this book represents the theme of courage. Even though the two stories have many things in common and some differences, they both have the same theme of courage. Although both of them do have the theme of courage, The book Making Sarah Cry shows the theme courage more than Don’t Give Up the Fight this shows because even though she was always picked on she still came outside and also when the other person was getting bullied she stood up for him instead of picking on him too like he did to her. That is why Making Sarah Cry shows more examples of having courage as the
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