Making Good And Bad Choices In Shiloh

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Have you ever had trouble making good or bad choices? If you have you can relate to the story, Shiloh, and character Marty. The theme for this story, is making good and bad choices. One character had to make a lot of difficult choices. Marty chose to take care of the dog and his family. It states/shows on page 80-83 that Marty did a good choice telling the truth to Dad about keeping Shiloh. When they went to Doc Murphy’s place at the late nighttime. This relates to my theme of which it’s a good idea of telling the truth and that’s a perfect thing to do always. But it also helps Shiloh not to be cruel anymore and Marty won’t be alone worrying about Shiloh always. The author wrote about Marty going on Judd’s truck on chapter 6, that

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