The Watsons Go To Brirmington Poem Analysis

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The common theme shared by the poem, “Making Sarah Cry,” and the play, “The Watsons Go To Birmington,” the theme is acceptance. In “Making Sarah Cry,” Sarah doesn’t get accepted for who she is, until the end of the poem. While, in “The Watsons Go To Birmington,” the kids go visit Birmington where no one is being accepted for their color. Even though both texts have the same shared theme of acceptance they have their differences. In “Making Sarah Cry,” the mood of the story is not very violent, while on the other hand, “The Watsons Going To Birmington” is a more violent text, with the bombings and segregation. In the poem, “Making Sarah Cry,” the author shows us that the theme of the poem is acceptance. In the beginning of the text it, states, “Treat others with respect, son the way you’d want them treating you and remember when you hurt others someday…show more content…
At the beginning of the text it states the quote, ”Governor George Wallace stopped two black men from a doorway trying to enter.” This is showing the theme of acceptance because policeman were not accepting others for being who they are and taking them as a normal citizen. Another thing that shows the theme of acceptance is the next quote, ”The police still don’t know who set off the bomb killing four.” This is showing acceptance because whoever is doing the bombings really doesn’t want to accept blacks and whites together and is going to do whatever to not let it happen. The last example of how the theme is acceptance is because at the end of the text it states, ”Black and whites worked together risking their lives to push for a change.” This shows the theme of acceptance because the blacks and whites are showing acceptance by working together and risking their lives to push the rule for everyone to be together and accepted. This shows how the theme of the text, “The Watsons Go To Birmington,” is
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