Making Sarah Cry Compare And Contrast Essay

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In both the poem “ Making Sarah Cry “ and the story “Don't Give up the Fight” they have the same theme of being different. In “Don't Give up the Fight” and “Making Sarah cry” both girls are being bullied for their difference of being a girl. In the story “Don't Give up the Fight Ava is being bullied for being good at a boy sport . But in the poem “ Making Sarah Cry” Sarah is being bullied for being mentally handicapped.However Ava cares about being bullied and does not talk about it.The only time Ava talked about her problem is when her friend asked her what happened Ava pleaded out to her. In the poem “Making Sarah cry” and the story “Don't give up the fight” both girls are being bullied for their difference of being a girl. On the eyes of the bullies both girls have something wrong with them. Ava and Sarah are two girls minding there own business trying to fit in. Also both girls have a bunch of courage…show more content…
But she does not let that bother her. She keeps going on with her place in the school. But one day one of the boy that bullied Sarah came back after a terrible car and bike accident. He came back with a scar on his face and a terrible limp. Then he went into his class and saw a banner that said “ Welcome Back” and some red balloons. He thought he still had friends and thought they did not care that he look different . But when it was time to go outside, he saw his friends all smiling at him,but when he got to them they made rude comments like “Where did you get that ugly mask” referring to the huge scar on his face.He felt tears come to his eyes, but tried to hold them in or they will label him a wimp. But out of nowhere he heard a small voice,and when he turned around it was little Sarah. She said “ Leave him alone, you bullies because he is a friend of mine.” After those words that came from Sarah he never played the game of making Sarah cry.
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