Making Sarah Cry Comparison

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Compare and Contrast Essay
Both the story “Don’t Give Up The Fight” and the poem “Making Sarah Cry” have a common theme, which is being different. In “Don’t give Up The Fight,” Ava must deal with the fact that she is different than all the other people on her track team because she is the only girl. The main character in “Making Sarah Cry,” gets into a bicycle accident later in the story, which leaves him feeling different than all his friends. While both of these stories have a similar theme, the character’s actions influence others differently. In other words, in “Don’t Give Up The Fight,” once Ava tells her friend what was happening, that influenced her to tell the principal what had been happening. But, in “Making Sarah Cry,” the main character stands up to the bullies, which influenced them to be just like him.

In the story “Don’t Give Up The Fight,” the theme shows being different. For example, in the text, it says, “ Along the way, he kept addressing us as boys and men. It happened every time, but still, my stomach hardened and I clenched my teeth.” Additionally, the story also shows being different from saying, “It’s just I am the only girl on the team, so it’s harder.” The first piece of evidence shows how Ava’s track coach
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In other words, in the poem, it says, “The day his bike met with a car, leaving him with an awful limp and a jagged-looking scar.” Also, the poem states, “So he felt a little nervous as he limped his way to class. He hoped no one would notice, and prayed no one would ask.” The first piece of text is significant because it is showing what made the character begin to feel different. It is important to notice how in the next piece of evidence, he is showing how he is afraid that his classmates will make fun of him because of how he looks now and is very
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